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One Love (Extended Remix)

by Eternia

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Eternia returns with her first audio leak since the critically acclaimed and Juno-nominated album "AT LAST" (Fat Beats Records). Elzhi's "ONE LOVE" - arguably the deepest track on the Nas-inspired 'Elmatic' - tells the tale of a fly, ride-or-die woman that had it rough growing up, but ends up as El's one love. As Eternia explains it,

"I related so much to the person that Elzhi describes in 'One Love'. A lot of her experiences - not all, but many - mirrored my own life."

Just when you think Eternia bared it all on "AT LAST" w/ MoSS, she goes even deeper on "ONE LOVE", providing a woman's perspective to Elzhi's story. But don't sleep... super-lyrical & super-skilled, Eternia holds her own w/ one of Hip Hop's foremost lyricists on a Classic rap record.
One Love.

Design by: GianGFX (giangfx.com)
Photography by: Jason Rodriguez (www.ILoveArter.com)


Some things you know before you see it,
some dudes react and turn wicked on you.
Pack a pistol,
master of manipulation,
twist mentals.
Easy w/ the metal 'cause my father had a sawed off.
The second in the glove box,
the rest in the arsenal - Locked up.
Until he got locked up.
And that would be about the same time I returned home and got Knocked Up.
Didn't keep it - that would be an MTV Special story later -
who'da thought, at the time, what I'd get into?!
Spawn of a criminal,
the boys wanna talk.
Walk late, holdin' hands in the park, then rip my skirt off.
I scream, kick and punch - now he's tremblin' and sowin' it up.
the red thread reminded me of blood.
Every dude I met looked like the one.
Lessons will come eventually,
for now I'm sexually seeking some self love.
Funny how the rest'll unfold:
my life on these pages,
the phases of mind states that I'd relate all over stages.
I'm caged and debated
taking my life.
My mother saved me first time,
2 times - it was a boy that I like.
I got it lucky - crack in the crib to crackin' books in college.
My old town? They strangled this dude w/ a condom -
and disposed of him right out the balcony like he was garbage...
I'll never forget.
Grateful for the friends that I met.
You don't believe me when I speak than ask 'em what I confess.
I don't swear on noone's head 'cause its the truth that I said.
Alright - ok then - where was I then?
Wanted to prove em all wrong,
determination: in college I got the honors.
Desired by the opposite sex,
for every dude I connect with I could list at least a thousand I dissed.
Appetite for depth -
something I'm missin',
I left
Monday Morning,
Illmatic - still classic - playin' in my walkman.
I got a soft spot for the bricks and lofts -
cityscapes lost in.
Found my way to GOD at the bottom.
Grace & Mercy!
I'm turnin' 30 now...
surely I have come from one place, but there's another road I'm headed down.
Met him at the mall in the fall
nah - I didn't.
But I know I'll meet him when God's completely finished.
Lovin' in Me.
Coulda been food for a tree,
or a baby moms,
a crack fiend,
instead I am free!
Able to be not just a story,
humble testimony from me
Now feel the glory that's comin' from up above...
One Love.


released May 17, 2011
Original track appeared on Nas, "Illmatic"
reworked by Elzhi & Will Sessions on "Elmatic"


all rights reserved



Eternia Toronto, Ontario

Two time Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada’s foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to knock down barriers & trail-blaze across the globe for Canadian Hip Hop music.

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