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FOR THIS LIFE | Eternia f. Phoenix Pagliacci |
Unofficial Video: youtu.be/-HSlF7R4xZE

Eternia returns with her signature style of lyrical transparency in "For This Life". Featured on Hand'Solo Records 20th Anniversary compilation "Bassments of Badmen Vol. 3", the new single is a marked departure from Eternia's dark and dusty sonic trademark. Reuniting with "Foul Child" producer A. Beck (aka Mr. Cincinnati), Eternia shares her spiritual journey over rich, rolling, 'bump-it-in-your-whip' production and enlists Phoenix Pagliacci to bless yet another Eternia offering with a victorious chorus, reminiscent of Lauryn Hill in the 90s.

Cover Photography: Patrick Younger of RA Photo & Film

"For This Life" is featured on Hand'Solo Records release: "Bassments of Badmen Vol. 3" handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/album/bassments-of-badmen-3


ForThisLife – Eternia ft. Phoenix Pagliacci

Verse 1
Before I was formed,
when I was born,
when I was 10-years-old.
When I moved out,
When I rejected the law.
When I had doubts,
When I could see that I failed.
When I dropped out,
when I was in denial,
when I called ‘em “minor details.”
When I would shout,
when I just couldn’t be saved.
When I would cuss you out for failing in fulfilling my way,
when I would pray.
When I would return
would I make amends?
Would You forgive me?
Would I have to pay a price for my sins?
or did You get me?
Did You witness all the things that I did?
And if You did would you despise me,
undermining all the stories you said?
Or would You find me, pick me out of everybody as kin,
And remind me of that’s why You sent Him
when I seek grace from within.
Would You embrace me, lift me out of disgrace?
Would You amaze me with the love that I could sense in Your face?
Would You abide in me and live in this place?
And walk beside me like a Father would His daughter with unfaltering grace?

For this life I’m forever thankful
(lemme tell you why)
I may have nothin’ to show
but at least I got it all.
At least I got it all!

Verse 2
And I aspire to live higher, desire more than I ever did.
Evidently I’ve been living focused on irrelevants.
my actions, words, thoughts and my sentiments.
Had to take a step back – reflect a little bit,
reset intentions and
deflect the negative,
we let this world subdue us like a sedative.
Pill popping to Armageddon,
lost all perspective,
act reckless,
thirty and fourty-year-old adolescents!?
LORD – take me to the bottom,
that’s a blessing in disguise.
Take me to the end of whatever I hide behind:
my occupation, my pride,
my skills, and my lies,
my arrogance, my greediness,
the lust of my eyes.
I’m a self-proclaimed self-involved self-centred arrogant chick.
I got an answer that’ll shut your mouth quick,
I got a cancer in my heart you can’t fix.
I got resentments, I’m defensive, disconnected…
let His grace flow in.

For this life I’m forever grateful.
I may mean nothing to you, and you, and you, and you, and you…
but in Him I got it all.
but in Him I got it all.
Just be thankful for what you got
I know to you, to you, to you, to you it might seem like nothing…
but in Him it’s a whole lot
(at least I got it all!)

Bridge (2 Corinthians 6:8-10)
Through glory and dishonor,
bad report and good report,
genuine, yet regarded as imposters,
known, yet regarded as unknown
dying and yet we live on
Beaten, and yet not killed,
sorrowful, yet always rejoicing,
poor , yet making many rich,
Having nothing, and yet possessing…

Oooohhh… for this life….
Oooooohhh…. For this Life!


released September 27, 2016
S. Kaya & R. Hamilton [Songwriting/Vocals] | A. Beck [Producer] | Joseph "DJ Jab" Abajian & Michael "DJ Mercilless" Pompey [Sound Engineers] | Graig "Sav One" Stanton [Artist Management] |

For More Info:
Eternia: www.TheRealEternia.com
Phoenix Pagliacci: www.itsmePagliacci.com
Hand'Solo Records: www.handsolorecords.com


all rights reserved



Eternia Toronto, Ontario

Two time Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada’s foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to knock down barriers & trail-blaze across the globe for Canadian Hip Hop music.

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