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Day & Night | MoSS ft. Eternia

by MoSS ft. Eternia

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psj45 well happy to know you got a New album coming
out soon
will be getting my hands on that.
enjoying your work.
hope you are well and happy.
ps was keep U a single project
and not released
because a clocked that your new shoutout mixtape to you.
peace out
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After 5 years since their Fat Beats full length debut, Eternia & MoSS return with "Day & Night". Featured on MoSS's album "Marching to the Sound of My Own Drum", MoSS provides a hypnotizing and haunting sonic backdrop as Eternia struggles between spirit and flesh in her signature soul-excavating style. "Day & Night" explores the war going on inside every person, for "what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do" (St. Paul). The outcome of the battle is left unknown, as Eternia's chorus prays, "Don't let the sun set on me..."

Watch the Official Music Video here:

"Day & Night" is featured on MoSS's solo album release: "Marching to the Sound of my Own Drum", available here: itun.es/us/mrSD-


I pray that God let me channel the pen.
Say what needs to be said.
Speak the truth and seek the truth that was sent.
I pray the sun don't set on my sins...
Oh Heaven, I awake with good intentions
But I messed up again!
I swear the days are gettin' shorter,
Night extended for longer,
It's like an after hours bar that brag it never knew closure.
I never knew
All the addictions would just grow and get stronger,
Like super villains,
I got 'em in me, I gotta get over.
The truth is:
I kinda like 'em,
They excite me,
they broken just like I am
So we relate,
We can kick it,
We get to know the ways we like it.
Like a bartender that knows your favorite drink
And they serving you up for free 'till you stumble and sayin' no good
Things to get you in trouble
And get you hungover.
To the point when the sun is rising you runnin for cover.... DUCK!
A vampire aspiration for a suck of blood
That He shed for us but all I can retain is lust.
Lust... lust.... I lust on sight.
Lusting ain't right,
But still I got a lust for the night.
(Don't let it set....)

Excerpt from Lords prayer
Excerpt from 1st Surah in the Qu'ran

And when the sun decide to set
I can feel my heart thump outta my chest.
The choice is simply pass or fail,
I guess I'm failing the test.
It's all lust,
In all of us there's a choice:
To live aligned or throw it all away,
To quiet the noise.
The flesh screaming,
I got demons that I cannot avoid
And to ignore 'em is treason
A part of me just like my hands and my feet is.
I got a reason
I got pain that I'm feeding
I got a hole that is bleeding
It needs a plug, it needs diversion in evening.
Pray that I'm breathing...
When the sun rise, the morning, and it comes time
To look up and ask God for a sign.
But he sent 'em last night while I was creepin',
Body awake, soul sleeping,
Mourning it's death watch the last breath leavin'.
Heaving a sigh,
I stopped asking why,
It's all obvious.
The truth in all of us and yet we living a lie.
(Don't let it set)

Judaic Morning Prayer


released February 16, 2016
M. Connoy | S. Kaya


all rights reserved



Eternia Toronto, Ontario

Two time Juno-nominated and widely considered one of Canada’s foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to knock down barriers & trail-blaze across the globe for Canadian Hip Hop music.

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